Art Portfolio:

Artist Statement:

Binary:   bi·na·ry (báin?ri:) adj. consisting of two
Art:  art (art) n. the use of the imagination to make things of aesthetic significance; the technique involved

     Above are two important definitions to consider when looking and thinking about my 'work. The definition of binary is significant because I believe nothing in life exists as a singularity in itself. Often, things exist in clusters or groups. My innate obsessions are the significant percentage of objects and concepts that exist in pairs.
     A beautiful example is the symbiotic relationship between anemone and clown fish. Anemones are immobile marine invertebrates that resemble colorful flowers blooming on the ocean floor. Despite a meek and vulnerable appearance, their natural defenses make anemones nearly impervious to predation.  These defenses include multiple tendrils covered with stinging cells that inflict a great deal of pain on contact. Clown fish, on the other hand have no major natural defenses. Although they are highly mobile little fish, their small size makes them vulnerable to predation. Their relationships with anemones are what really save the little fish. Clown fish live in the anemones' clusters of tendrils. They keep the tendrils clean and the tendrils keep the fish safe; a mutually beneficial binary relationship. In my artwork, I observe and implement my obsession with binary systems, by creating works consisting of two distinct parts; either physically and/or in concept. 
     As for the definition of art presented above, I pay particular attention to the "aesthetic significance" part of the definition. Currently, conveying the specific meaning of my work isn't as important to me as its simple visual impact; its "aesthetic significance". My artwork is a derivative visual language inspired by my Asian-American heritage. Like Haiku or Pantoum, I splice these visual elements together to create a visual poetry. I'm quite satisfied if you simply tap your toes to the music because of the melody of my voice, rather than labor over the meaning of a single word in the lyrics.