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Specializing in portraits in various styles. Small and Largscale interior and exterior paintings in digital, oil, and acrylic media.
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painting portfolio pages

Artist Comments & Special Credits:

     I started out painting in pastels and colored pencils. Then honed my skills in acrylic and oil. Currently I'v expanding my medium into digitally composed and digitally printed imagery; while at the same time eploring ways to move beyond the confines of small two-dimensional canvases. More often than not I'm finding ways to paint on custom shaped surfaces.

    Sugar Bottom Celebration: special thanks to the City of North Liberty, ICAAR and all who supported the making of this mural.
    Entering the Eras: special thanks to Lynn and Bob Ocken, the Armstrong Development Company, Mike Sneller, and all other involved (please seee website for more information on contributors and Murals & More.